• We offer three basic overall paint packages:

    • $500 for overall polyurethane paint, good for more recent vehicles, classic cars or things you plan on preserving for a while.

    • $800 for overall base coat clear coat, good for vehicles less than ten years old and akin to a factory finish.

    • Prices include basic prep work and paint materials.

  • Trucks, vans and SUV's or other large vehicles carry an additional charge depending on size of the vehicle.

  • Spot painting or panel painting typically starts at $175 per panel and is reduced for each adjacent panel. Blending into adjacent panels can be done for $50 per panel blended.

  • There is no additional charge to change the color of your vehicle, unless you want to paint inside the door jambs. If you do not want to change the color of your vehicle, we do full computerized color matching and mix all paint to factory color standards.

  • Door jambs are priced separately and are not included in the overall paint price. Door jambs are typically priced at $40 per opening, including trunks and hood areas.

  • Bodywork such as rust and dent repair or removal of flaked or chipped paint is priced on an individual basis. We do not give bodywork quotes over the phone.

custom work

We offer a full service body shop and routinely do restoration work on older or custom vehicles, some of which can be seen on our photos page or on our Facebook page.

Call us or stop by for further information and let us make your dream a reality.


Our operating hours are:

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Sat: 9 AM - 1 PM

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